The Painting Season

As I find my way in the world of art I will be exploring my own style, the world of artists, the digital age of art and all things for art and the artist.  After a 5 year hiatus from painting in any sort of regular sense,  I’m back.  I studied and taught for 10 years using the Gluck Method and recieved a very thorough education in drawing and painting.

It’s time to find out… who is Athena Mantle Owen, the artist?  How does one really make it as an artist?   Let’s find out – it’s painting season!

Early paintings:

This is a colored pencil drawing my Mom gave me last year that she saved.  Mom’s are good for that sort of thing.

One of my first color still lives.  This wasn’t the first, but maybe 4th one I ever did.

This zebra study was done working from a photograph.

This Monet reproduction was one of my first, it’s not your typical Monet.

A still life watercolor study.


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One response to “The Painting Season

  1. Wow! My heart literally leaps for joy at seeing you focusing again on your art. YOU.ARE.REALLY.GOOD. Like CRAZY good. I mean I always knew you painted and always liked the few pieces I’d seen of your work, but HOLY canolli, girl! Looking over the ones you’ve posted on your blog I see just how amazing you really really are. Keep up this awesome journey you’re on and I’ll be following you along the way. 🙂

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