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Painted with Pastel

The following is a series of work I did in pastel. I enjoy working in this medium because I can create interesting effects using different paper textures and colors.

First is a series of bridges that I painted with pastel. The first one was done using a cream colored textured paper. You can see it come through in the darker areas, helping to soften those areas.

This one was also done with a gray toned textured paper which peeks through the lighter areas and gives a base under the mountainside.

This bridge is done over a mid-toned mauve pastel paper.

This one was done with a dark blue vertical stripe texture paper. I love the effect this created on the finished product.

And finally, this portrait done with a medium toned gray-blue pastel paper which serves as the base background color and the light tones of the skin are built up on top of that.


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