It’s All About Being Liked

In my last post I discussed using Facebook as a tool to promote my art.  I made the decision to accept anyone that sent me a friend request because if I was going to promote myself and my art then I had to meet new people and stop being so exclusive with my Facebook page.  Facebook is a bit like high school.  It’s all about who likes you and being popular.  As an artist you have to put yourself out there and promote yourself.  That is definitely something that does not come naturally to me.  I prefer to be modest and generally unnoticed.  It’s sad to think that I’ve reduced myself to asking to be liked but when in Rome…

I’ve now taken the next step and added a “Fan Page”  for Athena Mantle, Fine Artist.  I invited all my friends to “Like” me and so far I have 71 people who approve of me.  It’s sort of funny to ask someone to “Like” you. I admit I do check it regularly to see if anyone new has given me their approval, silly I know.  I get excited when I see people who I don’t know that have given me the “Like” nod of approval.

Facebook is amazing…connecting with old friends and making new ones. So many people who know me were unaware that I was a painter until they saw my work on Facebook. That probably goes back to the modest and unnoticed thing, not exactly good for promotion!   FineArtAmerica is also amazing…I sold my first print after 6 weeks of being listed on their site. It was purchased by someone from Cave Creek, Arizona.  That was exciting to say the least!

Since this post is all about being liked, if you too feel the urge to send me some love….hit that “Like” button and tell all your friends !
Athena Mantle, Fine Artist

Promote Your Page Too

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