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Art Marketing Secrets Revealed

Art Marketing Secrets

Marketing can seem like an impossible task to an artist. Artists want to be painting or creating, not promoting.  I understand this, really I do. But on the other hand, those creative instincts that make you an artist make you a perfect Marketer.  When I left my job as VP Marketing for an Inc 500 company in 2010 and went back to my art roots I decided to embrace the fact that if I was to be a successful artist I would also need to continue using my marketing skills.  I guess once you have a marketing mind, you always have it.

My goal is of course to be successful as an artist but also to help others be successful. I hate to see artists giving up and going back to their jobs so they can “make money”. Where is the fun in that? Being a business owner of any kind is challenging and that’s exactly what you are when you are an artist. I hate to tell you this but its true. And what would happen if a business owner didn’t promote or find customers? Absolutely nothing! They would be out of business pretty quickly.

The good news is that like anything else, marketing is something you can learn. It does take some effort on your part but the good news is that I’ve spent that last two years researching on the best ways to market as an artist and how to get to the top of Google. Everyone wants their name in lights, right? Ok, well maybe not in lights but you want your customers to find you and reach out to you.  That is what I”m going to show you how to do.  I’d call this Marketing for Dummies but that wouldn’t be accurate.  It’s more like Marketing for Smarties (smart artists that is), those that are brave dedicated and determined to be successful.  But don’t let this intimidate you.  You don’t have to be a techie or know anything about marketing. You do need to follow instructions (there are actions involved, it’s not magic) and have the drive to persist until you accomplish what you set out to do.  If this sounds like you, I hope you’ll join me.

I’ll be giving a seminar at Modest Fly Art Gallery in Tujunga, California on August 5th. If you can’t make it but want the information, let me know.  Sign up early and save!

To Your Success in Art!

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